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Well traveled (though Victoria’s been his home now since the early nineties), well intentioned (“my folks are still together; they have strong values; I owe them for that and much else”), and well schooled (actually, he’s probably had more academic education than is healthy for any one person) – you can call him 'Al'.

Al takes particular pride in keeping his clients aware of the ways they might save money and avoid hassles during their real estate transactions. And he believes that the real estate business is really about offering appropriate education and building sound relationships: “Ultimately, for me – ‘doing reAlty right’ is motivated by a strong desire to achieve good outcomes for good people.

If you’d like information about any property in British Columbia – just call me, Al; after all, I’m the one who cares about all your real estate related needs! And even if you don’t live in Vancouver or on Vancouver Island – if you call me first, I’ll make sure you get hooked up with a great local Realtor in your area.




wAlk the tAlk


Call me, Al, direct:    250-686-6325

E-mail:    Al@CallMeAl.ca

On-line:    www.CallMeAl.ca

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